Sunday, 18 June 2017


God protect me
Never allow this containment
to take over

Envelops me with ease
Hardened skin and heart
mind dusty 

Never mind these never ending punishments
God's plan is God plan
it won't alter this unbreakable fragility 

Forgo this cell
the solitary confinement of withdrawal 
i'm all too familiar with the symptoms 

Feign this pretend hurt
this faux pretence of anger
you are to me, what life is

that is everything, in living
and breathing, in you
i say alhumdulilah in all these things


burst open these dams,
not "damn, i should've"
but "i'm glad i did"
glad i said i love you when i did
when the moment strikes
praying God does not close this
open handed palm
to the close fist of the stubborn
no coincidence
that that very close handed fist
embodies the bully
the oppressor 
if we don't give,
then what are we?

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