Saturday, 26 March 2016

On the best day, the gloom shrouds your light
Your glare worries and distracts me,
Even if I don't look up,
I catch your reflection on Earth,

The troubling paradox of fearing,
What you admire,
These struggles you cannot name,
but observe nonetheless,

Do you disturb the tentative skyline?
For fear of causing the slightest disturbance,
Where something far beyond you exists,
Watching from afar, watching your beautiful resistance, 

I continue glancing your way,
Reciting a silent prayer,
Because the universe betrays you,
The same fear I have.

Looking at you with affectionate eyes,
Moonlight's appeal strikes you differently,
With a power beyond your comprehension,
Because logic is defied and rational shattered,

Firmly planted, two feet for now,
But I am pining to fly over,
One day but not yet,
because I was told selfish declarations will hurt you,

And that is not what I need,
and It is not what you deserve,
I'll focus on this place for now,
The place I call home,

Do not think I forgot you,
Because that is not possible,
Each day you serve as a reminder,
of Truth.

And If I never reach the point,
of grasping the galaxy,
Of reaching you
So your closeness is mine,
and when I know I won't betray my heart,
I will embrace the light,
you provide to me and the world.