Thursday, 13 October 2016


the rhythm of you,
your beat is revered,
gives us the blessing of breath,
the holy air pumped into clay,
moulded by an unparalleled architect.

take you for granted,
at my peril,
reciting the prayer of protection,
I hold you close,
jugular vein closeness. 

beyond these worlds,
into the rhythm of the clouds,
a beat beyond time,
where love is a mantra
repeated from the mouths of angels and man alike. 

I see us there,
two souls intertwined,
forgoing jealousy and anger,
because all disease and preconceived socialised norms
cease to exist. 

Practising your absence diligently,
what is life without oxygen?
so i feign the rhythm,
it’s pseudo hum can sustain me for now,
until your golden presence.

Like an alchemist,
the spiritual and the scientific align,
it’s beats intersect, line by line,
it’s Sacred chords bounce sporadically,
as passion does. 

Friday, 9 September 2016


We build walls
To not communicate
So i don't have to tell you why,
To avoid the root causes
The painful conversations
Don't disturb this land mass
This body of mine
Where oneness is disturbed

We build walls
Cause we fucking hate the mexicans
And the Palestinians
And those fucking refugees
So they don't rape
Or blow themselves up
This body of mine
Where oneness is destroyed

We build walls,
And give them camouflaged uniforms,
Play by the (new) clear rules of war
Die valiantly against the enemy,
Die for these walls,
Stand for the flag,
Sing for the anthem,
Where oneness is martyred.

Friday, 2 September 2016

new world order I

when love overawed
the brightness took control
little deaths ended
people passed peacefully
the angel of death
only took life
acting as a passing transient 
taking souls
onto the peaceful infinite 
leaving others without work

new beginnings
were borne out of choice
and not coercion 
force was banned
allegiance to “the flag” 
burnt, burnt tips of fingers
hoisted the new world 
the new new world
before columbus brought syphallis 
and colonialism 

a return to Pangaea 
in post Pangaea earth
on well respected soil
cared for ocean
where waves don’t spite us
misdemeanours swallowed 
and nature nurtures us  
and the sun
gives us an extra century or two
where the galaxy pities our end
instead of breathing

a sigh of relief

Saturday, 16 July 2016


It's burning out there,
Where angels whisper,
"After hardship comes ease,"
To those who see the ease,
Hard to come by.

The sun smothers us, 
But orchids falter,
And Spring never returns,
To those leaving one civil war,
For another. 

Breathe the dying breeze,
Where the blood has barely dried
Before it's spilt again,
Where holiness is disavowed 
And power is the prime commodity 

We're busy with debt, 
So apathy turns the screams 
Into whispers
And for the less human,
Into background noise. 

Friday, 1 April 2016


Shattered dreams of yesterday,
hung up like portraits
the sordid nightmare of today
painted into memory

"you need not worry,
paradise does not exist on Earth,"
they say,
little consolation for the burnt

Scorched on the tips of our tongues,
the heat leaves sound muffled,
we live on spitting out bloodied letters,
words are inconceivable,

Suffering, they say, makes no sense,
it is not us who architected hell,
But the God you worship,
and the devil in you cultivates it,

Stories of self harm,
weaved easily into histories,
victors of war on the precipice of power,
intoxicated by its allure,

"you did this to yourselves,
besides, history is the archaic remains of yesterday"
they say,
little Justice for the burnt,

Victors bear no responsibility,
in a universe where loss,
is a torch carried by the lost,
using its light where stars emit none,


If an atoms weight of hope remains,
light as a feather,
It resides in the love of oneness,
where the footprints leave no trace,
not on earth,
but in the hearts of our fellow man.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

On the best day, the gloom shrouds your light
Your glare worries and distracts me,
Even if I don't look up,
I catch your reflection on Earth,

The troubling paradox of fearing,
What you admire,
These struggles you cannot name,
but observe nonetheless,

Do you disturb the tentative skyline?
For fear of causing the slightest disturbance,
Where something far beyond you exists,
Watching from afar, watching your beautiful resistance, 

I continue glancing your way,
Reciting a silent prayer,
Because the universe betrays you,
The same fear I have.

Looking at you with affectionate eyes,
Moonlight's appeal strikes you differently,
With a power beyond your comprehension,
Because logic is defied and rational shattered,

Firmly planted, two feet for now,
But I am pining to fly over,
One day but not yet,
because I was told selfish declarations will hurt you,

And that is not what I need,
and It is not what you deserve,
I'll focus on this place for now,
The place I call home,

Do not think I forgot you,
Because that is not possible,
Each day you serve as a reminder,
of Truth.

And If I never reach the point,
of grasping the galaxy,
Of reaching you
So your closeness is mine,
and when I know I won't betray my heart,
I will embrace the light,
you provide to me and the world.