Tuesday, 8 February 2011

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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Be like a Candle

Be Like a candle…

Light up faces with a smile
And spread warmth when you walk,
Speak purity all the while
And beauty when you talk

He told me be like a Candle,

The flip side of a sandal or
flip flops when it hits the dust
Knowledge merely a particle
as we promote trust

And expect nothing in return,
Each day passes we earn and learn
Don’t count your blessings..
Store them..

Be like a candle,

selfless like an anti-consumerist society,
Don’t be restless, patience, control your mind
Rather than chasing 360 and get called dizzee

Be like a candle,

Noor in the darkness,
Sense amongst the senseless,
Like the only ethnic in the census
Direction for the headless

We’re Chickens on the coup,
Fear, as we wait for the military coo
Don’t be scared
Throw your shoe at a dictator. Mubarak

Give like a candle gives light,
Live the way your soul deserves to live
Be a freedom writer, free-writer, free runner

Keep your candle alight, don’t survive,
Fight from an unjust night to a blessed dawn

treasure time, the wick will waste away
As the drummer's kick will awake us one day
Dormant to suffering 
like a volcano lacking heat

don't let the wax that moulds us
control us,
don't let hope melt

I repeat

we fly, not spiritually like Rumi
merely physically. over countries.
not hearts.

We have the potential to bring warmth to every human enveloped by darkness

Just like a candle.

The potential to bring a smile to those enveloped by pain

Just like a candle

The potential to conquer hearts which are enslaved

Just like a Candle

But eventually

Our light and warmth will turn to smoke and
Ascend to judgement
From tar filled smog to a beautiful incense
All depending on the intent

Before that unexpected, unknown end,
Simply, Be Like a Candle. 

By Mohamed-Zain Dada, poet and writer:

Twitter: @Zainthepoet