Sunday, 29 January 2017

if the world ends

if the world ends
the tips of our tongues 
shaken by this improbable conclusion
proclaim this experiment 
a failure

if the world ends

and the vast ocean weeps
whales despair at humanity's ineptitude 
the fishes scamper to impossible safety
before a most unusual end

if the world ends

man's greed for power
supersedes our capacity to exist 
like lucifer, ego is our downfall
yet again, the end of this once paradise 

if the world ends

some laugh in irony 
we destroyed ourselves before the sun did us
they'll say in the final moments
and some will oppress till the very last

if the world ends

tyrants, big and small, clasp to power
for one last sip
one last bloodied fingerprint 
on the blood soaked earth


Even the hopeless, surely, do find hope.

(the Eternal Refuge. Quran 112:1-2)
It is always darkest just before the day dawneth (Thomas Fuller)


We awoke to the rising sun, that day of all days, raising a fist toward the sky.  So as the aspersions were thrown, all was revealed.  The Eternal Refuge's wisdom became clear when previously it hadn't.   That those who absorbed the falsehoods as truth, those who failed to act had given themselves up.  That Allah Was Supreme.  That their minuscule power, although God like, was feeble.  That although demagogues walked the earth, spoke on the television, wrote columns and lead nations, their power was insignificant.  Allah Was Supreme.  Allah was with the oppressed, the destitute and the poor.

That the alchemy for the tyrants, the abusers, the evil, was a long and arduous alchemy.  That their alchemic process would take millenniums in human time.  That, this if, was a when.  That when the world does end, Allah reminded the hopeless, that lovers and the loved, that he will be there, is always here and that the Sacred light will inevitably conquer all.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

broken utopia

Twisted bark
in the dispersed woodlands
Disturbing perfect harmony
Tree by Tree
Soothing the troubled mind
in blossoming Spring
or the leafy Autumn
Wooly hats and broken hearts
broken barks
Winter hurts

intangible future
in the loving present
Disturbing perfect harmony
Day by Day
Can hardly feel you
Lost in this malaise
Hard pavements
and cold shoulders
City curse
Streets is terse

Dilapidated yesterday
here to taunt my present
Causing ruin in the harmony
Brick by Brick
A Tonne Fallen
on this fragile head
This was utopia.
Now, the crushed ship
Once the dust settles
We'll settle in the Sea