Sunday, 26 January 2014

The eye of the storm

Calamity and catastrophe
are neighbors
but the fictitious kingdom
lives on

Home of the displaced
who crave home
stand where Moses stood
and see it

See Hell and Heaven
From the transitory kingdom
Britain’s purgatory
Lifeless as its Sea

Inhabitants float
on salty wounds
Strife has been burnt
its pulp has stopped beating

Words of war fall
lazily out of mouths

Raging cogs twist and turn
tired eyes observe
the scars of ancestors tears
are dry now

life pursued on knees
dusty and arid
where men neither
build or destroy

The struggling
seek refuge
breathing a sigh en masse
its force reverberates

The breeze carries nightmares,
broken dreams.
The blood has dried
the living seek an afterlife.

Calls to prayer
do little to wake
those in deep slumber
since echoes ceased existing

The Levant a myriad of mysticism
and martyrs
The Holy Land
and its sacrilegious city.