Tuesday, 4 September 2012


A soft chilly breeze awoke the commuters,
Deep depressed sighs exhaled,
a melancholy air pierced the platform,
And a deathly silence followed it. 

That’s when I heard her perpetual exuberance,
Reciprocally humming to the tune of the wind,
Her voice tiptoed to a whisper above the divine instrumental,
She was clairvoyant in her gentle, almost sentimental ethereal connection. 

A week passed, unable to catch a glimpse, 
my ears remain cognizant, 
I catch a glimpse of her speaking, 
her mouth moving in the reflection. 

Her brown locks hid her appearance,
My eyes distracted by her expressions
as if she was running interference.  

I hear her smile and my ears redden,
An enchanting noise exudes from her,
I concluded that it was the epitome of joy.

Her words were scented with a raw, delectable sweetness,
I absorbed her conversation like a bee takes to honey.   
Avid, aware and eager to hear each carefully constructed answer,
Captivated, I sat pensive on the train.  

My thoughts danced to her sound.

Her stance friendly but body-language signalled she wasn’t to be approached,
Inevitably, people tried like moths drawn to a flame.

The nadir of society's aesthetic restrictions, 
she was difficult to find.
So I followed her shadow, 
infatuated with the beauty of her mind.