Monday, 6 February 2017

And the Loving

You Are The Ocean's Tide
To regulate and purify
Contain, archive
Capacity of the deep blue sea
You Are Unstoppable
and beautifully infinite
Domineering, lest you remind me
Because most forget, you are
most of this world
I Am Forgetfulness
I forget this too
that you are everything
and that the Ocean mourns too
Cannot Contain and Archive
I Am Remembering To Remember
Ocean's breathe out too
suffer scars like the earth
suffering an earthquake
except we cannot see your fractures
You Are The Healing
deep inside you
the historic, the currents
they wade through the vastness
crop up unusually
You And Only You
cover me as the tide does
I watch the beautiful reflection
the dark purple of the Moon
this beautiful night is you & only you
You Are The Surface & The Depth
unimaginable strength
But those fissures
they need attention
and care
and the loving
the loving
the loving.

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