Thursday, 13 October 2016


the rhythm of you,
your beat is revered,
gives us the blessing of breath,
the holy air pumped into clay,
moulded by an unparalleled architect.

take you for granted,
at my peril,
reciting the prayer of protection,
I hold you close,
jugular vein closeness. 

beyond these worlds,
into the rhythm of the clouds,
a beat beyond time,
where love is a mantra
repeated from the mouths of angels and man alike. 

I see us there,
two souls intertwined,
forgoing jealousy and anger,
because all disease and preconceived socialised norms
cease to exist. 

Practising your absence diligently,
what is life without oxygen?
so i feign the rhythm,
it’s pseudo hum can sustain me for now,
until your golden presence.

Like an alchemist,
the spiritual and the scientific align,
it’s beats intersect, line by line,
it’s Sacred chords bounce sporadically,
as passion does.