Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Society's Show Trial

No words can ever be undone,
No pitches high or low can ever be unsung
and Her words stung
Like a bee, I was left for dead caressing my very being.

The Chinese whispers first pierced the peripheries of my ears
It preyed upon my most guilty fears
Solemn in the knowledge that I was better
I hailed the fictional public stoning and I joined in the thunderous applause
But when it was all said and done I could not pinpoint the cause.

I scoured the contours of my mind's landscape
For reasoning to offer my rage some escape
Earth shattering insecurities enveloped me instead
I was at sea, drowning, left for dead caressing my being

At first, I could not believe what I was seeing
The verdict would be guilty in my court of hate,
I blurred the lines of slander and libel,
scriptures and bible taken out of context
To prove to myself that this was the case

When the winds of change ended its reign on man,
I begun searching for the truth amongst the greys
the silent hums, hues and tried to put together dismembered clues.
I was puzzled, left for dead caressing my very being,

"Your reputation precedes you," - Her last words
I mused "Your judgement proceeds the One."
I took no bother and felt free.
because judgement had been passed
and reputations had indeed been destroyed
What concerned me the most, was the judgement threatening my soul.