Tuesday, 8 March 2011

One day (she'll come by)

One day she’ll cross paths with me, one day, God Willing

The sun will soon sooth my skin as I stare, but I’ll be too scared to speak,
Weak, as I question the cheek of questioning her eyes
Rivalling the clear blue skies
She’ll walk past that memory will last
Imprinted in conscious thought….
She’ll arrive like an asteroid and leave a void
As I’ll fight with my self’s self

She’ll smile, so bright, that light will overcome an eclipse,
A smile that sucks your words into a stutter
To scared to utter: s-o-r-r-y wha..What’s yo-u-r name?
Confidence evident, her beauty will be unrepentant
Like white fluffy clouds forming a mount to match Snowdon
Like roses blossoming without the thorn

Like freedom, like peace, like justice
Sheer beauty of the mind; no face no race, no beholder

The sun will clash with my iris as my mind and heart
Will be in occupation with something, some say a virus.
I wish to sail the seas of love I’ll say,
Then get told it’s just a cheap cliché

I’ll step up, trying to be brave, unshackling the boyhood shackles of adolescence,
Comprehending the sense,
I just want to be friends, I say in my mind.

Carefully treading so as not to disease by heart with desires.
You see if my deen was a queen I must find her, and if desire is the fire I must
Extinguish it.

Then I’ll step up and say…

 ‘For you I’d line up the stars as a consolation and line up memories of us into a constellation.

I’d commit to truthful love and eternal bliss, trust, soul’s intertwined, combined, lined, not defined, for you’d I’d take that risk.

I’ll say it without fear attempting to sound like a modern day Shakespeare with all the metaphorical, exquisite, linguistic poetic devices my brain could muster.

And she’ll reject.  Humbly say no to my superficial phrases,

Not fazed because then I’ll know, that’s her.

And One day, she'll cross paths with me, God Willing. 

By Mohamed-Zain Dada

Twitter: @Zainthepoet

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  1. This is so beautiful, very well written