Monday, 14 March 2011

Karo Kari

Karo Kari..

They stab the scars of humiliation onto her beautiful skin
The pool of blood flowing through her mouth pleas for mercy 
Innocent girl screaming in agony for her mother to stop
How could the soft hands that once used to nourish her pain
Be the same hands that have become the instruments of her brutal fate

She fell in love, as innocent as she can
With a man who left her with a swollen stomach 
The baby screams through his mother’s black and blue skin
But the beatings are not enough, for she has dishonoured her father’s name 
Mercy is not a factor weighed on the scales of honour. 

So they pass her lifeless body for the others to stone 
Her tears flow into the sand bathing the tombstones underneath
Her tongue is clothed in black
In agony it moans for God’s name
Her paralysed heart is giving up
All she can taste is the pain of her and her unborn’s funeral tonight. 

Parents for her will not weep. 
Instead high heads they shall keep..
The words betray me to describe the pain..
The pain in my heart for all the innocent lives that have been lost in vain.

By Gulsum Asadova

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