Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Friend-ship. The journey to sweet, soulful serendipity trying to find you're Shams.
Tabriz, a rambunctious dervish willing to roam the sea's.
And start afresh.

snakes in the flesh divert your path....with more fake friends then stars in the sky.
Self centred, power-driven, dog eat dog.
eclipsing you're soul's purpose, malevolent demi-god.

pseudo smiles like polystyrene tiles, fickle.
clothes obsessed, material like textiles. Sickle.
hammering ostentatious actions.
What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours.

find Rumi's Cave and basque in solitude
but be wary, you may become weary..
so eventually it is important to find your mirror.
A reflection of yourself in the reflection of companionships heart.

sure start, true mentors teach first.
the poisoned chalice, camaraderie a blessing and a curse
the fallacy of friends revealed through stabbing stealth.
But a true acquittance will help you admire your inner self.

through and through. Means if they go down, you do too.

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