Monday, 13 June 2011

2 boxes, 1 window

she's so self-righteous
he's apparently pious 
Driven to a false truth like two flat tires,
Kwik Fit, but there's no quick fix.

He enjoys sitting on his window sill, still.
The Street has Talent.
Judicial law got him thinking,
fit chick walks past.
Reading Maya Angalou, with no clue.
The caged bird is really just a bird in a cage.
for him they should stay caged
'SANDWICH PLEASE.' he shouts

Bitchin' as usual,
Piff girl walked by,
critiquing what she wore,
she's got a sketty face that whore
staring down as she swore
But a pseudo personality is pure she assured herself.
Cos' all the dirt's on the outside she told herself
be true to thy self-righteous...
she read it all wrong.

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