Saturday, 14 May 2011

Reality is a Sketchy Imitation

Reality is a Sketchy imitation,
numbers in bank vaults
inflated oppression like an Israeli occupation
engrained in the minds of the youth
like a pre-pubescent teen singing sensation

hyper hegemony, a twisted hallucinogenic taking man higher
than any cocaine or powerfully potent chronic.
Made a President's economics concentrate on semi-automatics
spending millions on star wars not education.
Now that's advanced Reaganomics

simple misunderstandings taken on face value,
the past tense dictates future events
complex common sense sits on the fence
whilst linguistic lies go from myths to truth.

the Over-curious cat did die another day
9 days later and curiosity saved the mouse
Bond's built like bridges with the consumer
more poisonous than a cancerous tumour

fake teachers, fake stars...
narcissistic egotistical mentors..
models who aren't fit for the role..
truth or Haqq, a labour of the heart revealed like a slow-burning coal

a pageant picking the prettiest flowers..
infatuated with the concept that beauty is outward
Anger the by-word for Strength
controlling it is being a apparently a coward

Every word spoken, is stored.

Every truth, untruth and lie
eschatologically more powerful than wi-fi
Into one invisible web of stories
Into one loud silent conversation........

Life is a temporary loan.. lost in interest
infesting our thoughts
we've mistaken a toy for the real thing..


  1. brilliant stuff bro. keep it up.

  2. very well written, deep meaning & thought provoking - I could never rhyme so well like that!