Sunday, 22 May 2011


They're overwhelming me
It's overwhelming.
My minds' a bit perplexed
and my heart's a bit upset
And my limbs dont want to accept
My body wont co-operate
Nothing's working in sync to my dismay
I drop and play dead
But these demons still prey on me
They lay on me
heavy and strong
like artic cold iron in the tonnes
Crushing my morale
with weakness i am overcome
And the onlookers ask ''what's wrong?''
Looking for one to blame
but failing to see

I am the wrong

Trying to be right
Trying to conquer myself through strife and fight
But they cast me with obstacles along the way
Conflicting me with things i am too feeble to face
Theyre overwhelming me
its overwhelming.

By Zibz Hilwa

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