Monday, 6 September 2010

Wedding Ring.

I see this lady wearing a wedding ring
I smile, close my eyes and dream

I feel the feeling of being married
Of coming home to you, that excitement

Emotions of our wedding day
The knowing that I've done right
I picture myself dancing and holding you
The comfort of being close without hesitation, fear nor regret

But the pictures I paint aren't ones of images
No, the simple thought and faith of my dreams coming true are simpler yet so much more complex

Who you are I don't know, but I pray for you each day

I pray for us

And as I smile I feel gods hand calming my impatient impertinent wanting
Reassuring me of the future

When I find you I know you'll be hesitant
For that is the nature of who you are
But I have faith, god knows my dreams, my desires, my prayers, my everything and all other things.

So I ask of my lord that I may be blessed with patience

Until the day we dance
The day we smile
The day we fight
The day we cry
The day we live
The day we become we...

Until then I trust in Him

By Adil Hossenally


  1. mashaAllah good stuff


  2. haha this is straight homo!

  3. Absolutely perfect!