Saturday, 4 September 2010


I once thought of inspiration as an emotion.
Guidance of creativity from another reality.
The whispers of an unseen spirit.

When words spill poison,
spread disease and utter confusion.
Is it the unseen dark shadows of your mind
that your heart,
the chamber of emotions,
container of your soul,
is listening to?

Whereas when at peace,
and smooth, soft, swift, sympathetic words swirl into being.
Who gifts you with those?

When the heart aches and the grey clouds fill the horizon,
is it only perception that causes painful suffering?
For behind every grey cloud is there not a blue sky?
How can your eyes see truth when the heart is veiled by darkness?

Alhamdulil'ah. My Lord has lifted that burden.
Can you now not see that you are blessed?

By Adil Hossenally.

1 comment:

  1. powerful. My fav bit was the stanza on the clouds. Lifted my spirit, read that a few times!