Monday, 11 February 2013


It soothed my worries,
its drip providing me with a brief reprieve
All the stresses of the world flowed down my cheek
like tears of relief

The street stars shone, in a scintillating backdrop
I looked to my right, a shop sign read "imagination"
It was too surreal to be true, just in case it was
I staggered home slower to take it all in

eyes closed and neck arched
I insisted the heavens shower down more,
As my jeans grew heavier
I stood still, wishing the moment would too.

its swirling patterns were like a flock of birds
searching for warmer plains,
taking care in its landing
easing pain wherever it travels

This was not the normal, harsh pitter patter,
not concerned with hurting
not the kind the common man has disdain for
Just saintly, soundless drops of hope

That night I dreamt,
I wanted to rise like puddles under the sun
But the reflection scarred me
I wished to magnanimously watch the world in the clouds

it dawned on me,
man's erratic nature mirrors the skies misgivings,
acid rain eroded into the Earths crust
until I changed my core

I awoke knowing, my state and weather were one
the choices I made determined whether,
I sailed softly back home filled with love,
Or hit the ground fuelled with hatred.

"The Idea that moisture, which has risen from the ocean, resided in a cloud and then consolidated itself into a raindrop will return to the ocean, where it may lose itself completely to the immense waters.  This was most mystics hoped for: a return to the original unity.  To become one with the primordial sea."  

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  1. Beautiful. We are after all, our own doing.