Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lost for Thoughts

Lost for Thoughts

Tributaries of emotion flowing to a river of words
Dam, blocked by the sweetened poison,
perceived to be 'pure,'
adulterated honey.

Cheating on your self.

False is crystallized into imagined ideas
Lost for thoughts

Vanity pervades every nostril
it's lingering stench
it's sickening hollow smell
every mirror used to admire my superfluous wings

I forgot why the cage bird sings
But I do know it looks beautiful
or so I've been told by the pseudo sage.

Rage, pungent & rampant
flowing through our veins
But the blind man see's better than the angry man.

curious, envious enigmas
Are Our insignias.

boxes reprimand unearthliness
thinking outside is suicide
social. networking is the world

the art of dis-course is tarnished
still, varnish is nailed onto the disquisition
so a shining gleam is sown, and its seeds
crave position...

The chosen-one syndrome
an ailment so vile, a fake smile
is a common self-sacrifice
to get far.
But to where?

The fog of pride disguised by humility
humanity died, is the cannibalistic dog culpable.

Rhetoric is the language of the modern man
so I will make like the proverbial oracle
and ask myself.

When we think,
are we truly expressing ourselves
Or the desires of our self?

Have we made our mind up?
If I think the reasons for my thinking
the process has me blinking.

Lost for thoughts.  Nothing more to think.


  1. I like how you use 'thinking' as a bridge between the spiritual nature of self purification and a perhaps more animalistic nature in the use of the mind/brain/intellect. Although I think it deserves another draft all in regular verse.

  2. This site suddenly won't load properly for me. All I see is the title & the above comment :(

  3. The main idea behind the Lost for Thoughts is well-expressed through various examples of the darkside of human nature.How ironical the truth is but it always stand its ground! The vile streaks in human nature leaves nothing untarnished, even the thoughts. So well Rumi said, Protect yourselves from your own thoughts. Your poem has many ideas and in terms of lay out, a regular verse would be more interesting.