Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Words Apart Film Competition

And we have a winner for the Words Apart Film Competition

Zainab Ibrahim 18
from Newport, south wales

she guessed:
"Your poem is about the mouth speakin truth or gossiping or lies, I think."

Which is close enough, it was "words"

Here Is Zaynab's poem:

An illness, gnawing away at my temple.
Everyday I'm becoming the monster I resemble.
Gut-wrenching affliction at the realisation of my action.
Why do I return to the path of deadly poison?

Disease-like, yet graver and much worse.
A daily tornado of torment and curse.

And soon I shall face the wrath of my consequences.
When will a young hopeless soul come to his senses?
Day after day a battle he is losing.
Is it the path of the damned or the noble he'll be choosing?

Can Anyone guess what it is?

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