Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mother Britain: The Short Film Coming Soon

Thank you to everyone involved in the short film... from the young poets to the parkour peeps and the film-maker Hannah...

The premier of the film will be at the Noble Sage Art Gallery in a few weeks, dates to be confirmed.

If you are interested in viewing the short Film: Mother Britain get in touch...
The journey of youth poetic collective Words Apart and how they grasped with their identity's in multiculteral Britain, what ensues is them asking themselves what they truly are in a country of their birth but not their origins with the help of free-running....

'From Curry Hut to Jerk City, 2 for 2 to fufu,
black magic and vodoo, blessed souls
and pure hearts...
Britain is change, a paradoxial kingdom of 6 figure salaries
and 6 pounds and hour in the corner shop... ' - an extract from a poem in the short film - Dear Mother Britain.

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