Monday, 27 December 2010

Pearl in the Shell

Aint it funny
How a cut of fabric can shape your mind
Cloud your judgement
Fool your eyes
Failing to look beyond the medias lies
Branding me as oppressed 
But you fail to see what's inside

My body is under lock and key
But my soul?
My soul is free
You see
I dont know what's got you believing what you believe
If freedom lies in wearing skirts about my knees
Displaying my God-Given beauty
For hungry eyes to seize
Then what more than an object of desire does that make me?
When i pace the room
Its not the sway of my hips that have them looking
The stroke of my hair
Or the way i'm walking
It's the composure as a muslim woman I'm holding
It's the way I express my faith through my clothing
I let my personality do the talking

This was given as a blessing.

By Zibz Hilwa, photographer, student and poet.  Also member of youth poetry collective 'Words Apart' 

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