Friday, 9 July 2010

The rehabilitation of Martin Atchet

Another young poet and upcoming MC - Crucial

The rehabilitation of Martin Atchet

As I come out of the quiet storm
Building up on broke down form
the induction into hell I hear the cries and mourns
watching the clocks is making me ill
against the wall semi conscious 'bout to fall with no boxing skills.

The truth had me up against my own mind a couple times
and in everyone you find a bit of cheat and lies!
so the truth eventually dies...
like Revolutionary leaders that end up getting crucified.

heavenly proof the truth sets you free in to the open
and then kills you in the same breath leaving you broken inside
you find nothing until you open your eyes
I ain't talking 'bout the 2 on your face I'm talking 'bout the one in your mind,
the one in your brain
and I can't contemplate all that’s going down in this world
it's just all the same day after day
Too much patience that’s why I prey
too impatient to rest so I jus stay awake
hardly sleep 'cause I heard sleep is the cousin of death

I hold thoughts deep, real deep within my breath
and the way it speaks is lighter in a sense
that it makes me want to put my heart in until the time it ends.

The rhyme, itself, has no ending to the meaning
interpretations are infinite reach for the sky lifting' the ceiling
and thats how the truth made me feel when I heard it
so now I spit so the people can hear it

But I can't really fathom all of this that's starting' to happen
close my eyes and I see visions: the splitting of atom
the puppet master's still controlling the system
conducting the string quartet we the people are the instruments
there playing us...

you need to let ur conscious absorb this sit back
this is the ugly truth u didnt want gift wrapped


Poetry by Usman Mirza aka Crucial

Usman is also an MC by the name of Crucial from Neasden and is due to release his first mixtape this summer

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