Friday, 2 September 2016

new world order I

when love overawed
the brightness took control
little deaths ended
people passed peacefully
the angel of death
only took life
acting as a passing transient 
taking souls
onto the peaceful infinite 
leaving others without work

new beginnings
were borne out of choice
and not coercion 
force was banned
allegiance to “the flag” 
burnt, burnt tips of fingers
hoisted the new world 
the new new world
before columbus brought syphallis 
and colonialism 

a return to Pangaea 
in post Pangaea earth
on well respected soil
cared for ocean
where waves don’t spite us
misdemeanours swallowed 
and nature nurtures us  
and the sun
gives us an extra century or two
where the galaxy pities our end
instead of breathing

a sigh of relief

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