Friday, 13 August 2010

Niggers and Paki's.

Niggers or Paki's any single word they use to classify and identify our identity to degrade us worse then the slave ships and worse then the struggle for INDEPENDENCE,

Now we are in this country, they say London is so diverse, but our colour and creed is a curse to them, trapped in the system of capitalism, and they fool us into thinking we need their DEPENDENCE

The shortened version of the word Pakistani to a four letter word that bigots of the 70’s enjoyed using while bashing my family, and the N word used to described slaves to degrade them, disgrace them, yet we use them in abundance.

Words that state us and paint our personality and taint our reality

Two words trickled down to the youth, in dismay, passed through like an urban cool, but who’s the fool; tell me who’s the fool when these words would make Enoch Powell drool. At the thought that we the minority, driving the NHS and maintaining the elite authority, degrade ourselves in such a way.

I can’t understand why these words are in the oxford dictionary, when it’s just fantasy fiction created by the oppressors of the past, how long will this last, They tell us to move from past to present but like the Palestinian scarf this fashion is one that is likely to last.

The problem isn’t as simple as a pimple on your face, as we scratch away, hoping one day this dilemma will go away, scratching away, until nothing is left but a scar on your cheek and mankind’s conscious.

Politicians tell us to move on, while I wipe the backside of the Lord in the chamber, I just wiped you bottom, can I have my peerage now please? Prince Harry showing us that the monarchy have not changed, just exchanged the whip for the word.

And now the disease is a condition, smiles of the bigots in the graves develop as I call my Pakistani friend a Paki and my Black friend a nigger, as if, spitting in the faces of the brave men and women who fought in the struggle.

The solution remains in the heart, where the disease was first implemented, showing brothers your love is above all else what we must strive for, to escape this condition and that. Is the mission.

So when you walk on the street, embrace your brother, black, white, brown any colour that our green, blue or brown eyes see.
Because no colour truly defines me.

no colour DEFINES your identity


  1. This is a great post, it is sad to see young people using these derogatory terms due to ignorance of their origins.


    Have a look at the above link it argues as to whether the words are empowering or derogatory.

    Wrote this a year back and found it was more appreciated when read in a spoken word style, I performed this one last summer at a few open mic's.